Fornelli - is a specialist in built-in ovens and hobs. And what distinguishes a specialist?

• We are focused on one direction, which allows us to achieve high results
• We are professionals in our field
• We pay maximum attention to the development of models and work on every detail
• We carefully study the desires of our consumers and constantly improve our appliances

Priorities of FORNELLI are guaranteed safety, comfort in service and unique Italian design.

Fornelli is an Italian brand originating from the Molise region. The brand was first introduced on the market in 2008. For more than ten years, consumers have trusted Fornelli, and we help create comfort and coziness in the kitchen. The Italian traditions of cooking and hospitality are widely known all over the world. Of all the Mediterranean regions, Italy has an endless culinary wealth of cuisine. One of the secrets of obtaining an excellent taste of a dish is the appliances with which it is cooked. We in Fornelli like to cook and treat this process creatively. Therefore, our technology combines the most necessary functions, modes and accessories. Enjoy the comfort of cooking and fulfill your potential with the Fornelli appliances. The Fornelli appliances will be an excellent choice for your kitchen. In our assortment you can pick up kits in classic and modern style with functional from optimal to advanced, and in any sizes. The Fornelli brand was the first to think about the needs of people in a compact kitchen appliances that would not be inferior in functionality to a full-size one. In 2011, the engineers of the brand developed unique 45 cm electric oven: electric FE 45 MINIATURA and gas FG 45 COLIBRI. From that moment we continued to actively improve this line of compact appliances with new models. At the moment, the SLIM line in the Fornelli brand is represented by both electric and gas hobs and ovens in black and white color, in combination with stainless steel elements and in trariditionall classic style. All products of the Fornelli brand pass a three-stage quality control, which includes inspection at the output from the production line, inspection of the products by its own quality department, and pre-sale preparation before shipment to stores.

Thus, you can be sure that your equipment will last a long time!

Italian production, European quality standards, modern Italian design - three reasons to choose Fornelli.


Touch Slider panel

Touch Slider is the new generation of control systems. With this system a slide of a finger is enough to set the desired power of the burner.

Power Boost function

When this function is activated, the heating power of the Fornelli hob burners is increased by 50%, and the heating time is significantly reduced.

Automatic pan diameter adjustment

The induction hobs automatically determine the diameters of cookware. Heating is focused only within the diameter of the bottom of the cookware, thus optimizing energy consumption.

Residual heat indicators

Residual heat indicators will not only protect you against accidental burns after the burners are switched-off, but allow you to use the residual heat to heat up a dish or cook it untill it is completely cooked.

Childproof lock

When activated, the controls of the hob are locked. Now you can stay calm: your inquisitive kids can not accidentally turn on the hob or change its settings. To cancel the lock, just press the "key" button again and hold it pressed for a few seconds.

Safety switch-off

This function will automatically turn off the hob, if it was accidentally turned on and for a long time worked in one and the same mode without power adjustment. In addition, this safety function protects heating elements of the hob against overheating.

Overfill Protection

If liquid spills into the electrical surface during cooking, the hob will automatically switch off and beeps. After removing the liquid, the cooking can be resumed.

Expansion zones

The expansion zones of Fornelli glass ceramic hobs are available in two shapes - round and oval. They are intended to provide the user with the opportunity to use cookware of the desired shape and diameter - large, small or non-standard, for example, to bake a duck in a roasting pan.

Express Burner

An express burner (or a double or triple flame burner), in addition to the ability to quickly cook and boil water, enables coocking WOK dishes using an adapter, or using larger bottom diameter cookware or WOK type cookware with a spherical bottom.

WOK Adapter

An additional adapter-grate (usually included in the scope of delivery), which allows using wok type cookware for cooking (spherical bottom cookware) or large diameter cookware.

Light indication of operating modes

Information about the operating modes of the oven is displayed on the light panel, which is clearly visible in any lighting. Only few seconds is enough to get information about the operating mode, oven temperature or cooking time.

Gas control

All Fornelli gas cooktops and ovens are equipped with a gas-control function. If the flame of the gas burner goes out, the gas supply automatically stops. There will be no smell of gas in your house!

Automatic electric ignition

All Fornelli gas cooktops and ovens are equipped with an automatic electric ignition function. You can ignite flame and/or change its intensity by simply turning the switch. The built-in automatic electric ignition allows control of the coortop/oven operation with one hand!

Time programming function

Timer for each zone allows you to program switching-off in the range between 1 to 99 minutes.

Telescopic rails

Telescopic rails allow to fully extend the pan and control the cooking process. In addition, they reliably hold the baking pan in the extended position, greatly facilitate access to dishes in the oven and allow the baking pan to be extended all the way outward, thus ensuring safety and convenience during cooking. When necessary, they can easily be removed and washed in a dishwasher.

Removable folding door

The doors of all ovens are easily removable in a few seconds to simplify access to the inside surface of the oven for cleaning.


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  • The warranty period for all FORNELLI ovens and hobs starts from the date of sale and is 12 (twelve) months.

  • Warranty service is performed in authorized service centers only.

  • All FORNELLI products are certified in accordance with the requirements of the European Union.
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